PRES. ENT: COMMANDER-IN-LEAF follows the adventures of PRESIDENT STUMP, an (allegedly) sentient magical tree creature who is president. Campaign across all 48 (Yeah, we went there.) states to win over the hearts and minds of America by literally killing all political opposition.

COMMANDER-IN-LEAF was created in roughly four days for the Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Game Jam. The theme of the jam was "president", which isn't very festive, but no matter.


COMMANDER-IN-LEAF is a grid-based puzzle game. 

Click on tiles to extend your roots. The goal is to extend your roots beneath all  your political opponents, often found blabbering their foolish fleshy mouths. Once you've laid your trap below all opponents, sit back and enjoy American politics at it's best!


If you're more interested in playing a game where you (spoiler alert) kill an authoritarian leader rather than play as one, check out our entry for the first Extra Credits Game Jam:

(It's free.)

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