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KILL THE KING is a very short side scrolling stealth game where every action is a life or death affair.  Sneak through the ruins of an ancient castle to KILL THE KING!

This game  was made in 48 hours for the Extra Credits Game Design Jam, and was featured in a live stream run by Extra Credits after the conclusion of the jam. 

CONTENT WARNING: KILL THE KING features (pixel art) blood, dismemberment and, unless you're really bad at it, regicide.  


  • Press 'A' to step Left
  • Press 'D' to step Right
  • Press 'SPACE' to Stab-Tackle 
    (Continue pressing 'SPACE' to perform additional stabs. Poor guy.)
  • Press 'ESC' to give up and do something better with your life


If you're more interested in being a tyrannical dictator "democratically elected leader of the free world" than slaying them, check out our entry for the second Extra Credits game jam:

(It's free.)

Release date Aug 20, 2018
AuthorHot Girls With Broken Legs
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, extragamejam, Gore, Pixel Art, Short, Side Scroller, Spooky, Stealth
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

  1. Choose your version of the game:
    1. Kill The King 1.0. was created before the deadline for the game jam.
    2. Kill The King 1.1 was created about an hour and a half after the deadline for game jam, but contains quite a few extra bug fixes.
  2. Click the Download button next to your version of choice to download it (duh).
  3. Once KillTheKing.zip has downloaded, un-zip it with your favorite un-zipping tool.
  4. In the unzipped folder, double-click KillTheKingGame.exe and enjoy! ...or don't.


Kill The King 1.0 (64-bit) 22 MB
Kill The King 1.1 (64-bit) 22 MB
Kill The King 1.1 (32-bit) 21 MB


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I played the game, and it's awesome!
Also i didn't quite understand the ending.

You killed the king, so you won! good job!

can there be a mac version please


please 32bit

(1 edit)

Ask, and ye shall receive! 



looks like a cool game